Zette’s Story

Personally, I think all this “post abortion angst” that is being projected by women who are “haunted” or “have regrets” is just the latest fashion — just like everyone suddenly became a child abuse survivor some years back, when it was the thing to do. Turned out most of those folks truly hadn’t been abused, and it is most likely that those who mew about post abortion “regret” are just jumping on the bandwagon now. In a few years, they’ll be “survivors” of something else.

I was on the pill and using condoms (the one in question broken on this particular day) when I got pregnant. It was a total fluke, and in 10 years of sexual activity this was the only time I’ve gotten pregnant. Like another poster here, I’ve never had unprotected sex, either!

Regardless, I got pregnant and I couldn’t get to the clinic fast enough. At risk of being too blunt, my only thought was: “Get it out of me right now get it out of me right now GET IT OUT.” That was ALL I thought for several days (having to deal with a waiting period and all that tripe). I would have done ANYTHING before carrying that pregnancy to term and giving birth. Honestly, I would have preferred suicide to having a baby. Still do.