Yelena’s Story

I am an 18-year-old girl, studying and living in NYC. I found out I was pregnant even before my period was due because I knew I messed up by having sex without the protection. And it was my first AND LAST to use no protection. I remember when I found out it was about 2 weeks ago, I took like 4 tests with my friend by my side, and I kept getting the two lines – telling me that I am pregnant. I even made my friend take one just to assure that the test is working properly…well she wasn’t pregnant and I was.

The guy I was with is in the music industry, as well am I, and we were just a fling nothing serious so I knew I wasn’t ready for a child at this young age and at the point of my carrier. After he found out he didn’t care and it showed me the real side of that man, so there is good out of any bad, and it made me rethink my choices and keep me more focused on ME for the future.

I decided on medical abortion. I paid by myself for it. Even though the guy is supposed to help you out I felt that I don’t need him to do anything else for me because he wasn’t man enough to offer, and I am independent so therefore I can take care of myself. First the doctor gave me Metrotraxate (I think I misspelled it), and then a week after that I had to insert 2 sets of 4 tablets into my vagina. The bleeding started in few hours, and I felt mild cramping. Soon for next 2 days I saw clots and pregnancy tissue, and didn’t feel disgusted, actually (it might sound sick) but I felt intrigued by it…What it may have became… But anyways… It’s been a week and my bleeding slowly slowed down, tonight a week after I am having cramps (I am telling myself it is just my “regular period” restarting), next week I have a follow up with the doc. and all I can say is that I am not sorry. Because I know that maybe if this happened in a different decade or country I wouldn’t have the opportunity of choice.