What the antis don’t like to think about

While formatting new stories (because of a miscount and final tweaking on the new site design no ETA on the update, sorry) I came across this story. I won’t include it on the site, but it briefly revived my interest in creating a section of the site that deals with women who regret continuing their pregnancies. I say “briefly” because I think if word got out that one could tell their story anonymously the site would get slammed and I want INS’ focus to be on the abortion experience. This is a very sad story and-I believe-not too uncommon. I don’t believe all her problems were caused by the pregnancy, but it damn sure didn’t help.

Her name is Diana. I have made no edits.

my story is different but i think it needs to be shared. it’s a story of what can happen when choice is taken away which is what happened to me. when i was 16 i got pregnant. my mother likes to play religious when it’s convenient for her which is what she did in this situation. she had no objections to my sister and i having boyfriends who spent the night when we were only 13. i asked her about that once and her excuse was she had been a hippie who believed in free love. when i got pregnant though she became religious and sanctimonious for about two seconds. she forbid me from having an abortion or even considering adoption. she forced me to drop out of high school, live with her and my abusive alcoholic father and have a baby i didn’t want and couldn’t love. she told me i would just have to get a GED and that it was the same thing as a high school diploma, which it is not as i found out later on when i tried to join the air force. so i had my son. he has developmental problems which an evaluation says is because i didn’t bond with him. i tried to force myself to love him but i could not. before having him i had plans to go to syracuse university and those dreams were gone. i always hear this anti choice propaganda about women being depressed after having an abortion and i find that ironic because i have suffered severe depression for just the opposite, not having an abortion and being forced to have a child i didn’t want. since having him my life has pretty much sucked. i’ve tried killing myself twice. i’ve latched onto physically and emotionally abusive relationships as a means of survival because let’s face it, i can’t take care of myself with my education level. i cry everytime i even hear about a high school prom or graduation because those had been things i had looked so forward to and they were taken from me. i want my story out there to show why choice is so important. no woman should have to suffer this kind of existance over a mistake.