Welcome to INS Blog 2.0!

It took some time and overcoming technical difficulties, but I was finally able to get everything over to WordPress and settle in the blog’s new home. I have many Internet friends who raved about WP for their blogging needs, but I must admit there was one overriding factor in me deciding to move hosts-my job blocks Blogger (Blogspot) but not WP. Previously I composed blog entries in Word there, e-mailed them to myself, then posted when I got home. Now some of you might be saying OMG YOU ARE WASTING COMPANY RESOURCES!!!!11!!ELEVENTY!!1! but the powers that be at my place of employment are cool about Internet usage as long as you get your job done. Considering that my coworkers spend much of their time on Facebook, MySpace, eBay and ESPN, me blogging? No big deal. Plus when it comes to the Internet I can multitask like no other.

So yes, I will be posting much more regularly. My posts will appear under “imnotsorrydotnet” for the time being. I also hope to add other relevant blogs and generally spiff the place up a bit. I’m still feeling my way around here so be patient. As you can see all previous posts have been imported (including the last one, which I think should be an active one) . Despite its claims to the contrary WP DOES duplicate posts when importing so if you see a double post let me know-I went through it but I’m not perfect. As always, thanks to those who read my ramblings.