As you may have heard, NARAL Pro-Choice America was forced to yank an ad regarding Supreme Court nominee John Roberts after it was pointed out by numerous media groups that there were falsehoods in it, namely that Roberts defended clinic bombers. However, that hasn’t stopped them from posting it on their website. As far as I can tell, Roberts simply stated that a particular ruling couldn’t be used again violent clinic protestors.

Since I’m on NARAL’s mailing lists, both paper and internet, it’s a rare day that I don’t get something from them. I have noticed of late that their tone is becoming increasingly strident. While I do agree that with Roberts’ record there is cause for concern, NARAL acts like the Apocalypse is upon us. Keep in mind that the confirmation hearings haven’t even started yet. Until Roberts is actually confirmed-and despite all the OMGWTFBBQing it’s not going to be a cakewalk-I’m not going to worry myself over what might be. All NARAL has succeeded in doing is damaging their credibility. When even Arlen Spector, a long time pro-choice friend, says that you screwed up, that’s not good.

I have always had mixed feelings about NARAL. While I appreciate the work that they do for the most part, they’ve also participated in the problem by being a bit too politically correct at the wrong times. It was a NARAL representative on CNN on Roe’s thirtieth anniversary that said that abortion was a painful and difficult choice, which was one of the motivating factors behind INS’ creation. I’ve spoken with various NARAL people in Virginia, and while they seemed to like the idea of the site I’ve been told that it is too “harsh” and that I should “tone things down.” Yes-this from a lobby who flies into a panic at a drop of a hat. Granted, it’s just a few people, but I still found it ironic.

Planned Parenthood, which unlike NARAL does not endorse political candidates, has been cautious. Their official stance on Roberts is that they want to learn more about his background and there has been mild condemnation of the NARAL commercial, but there’s been a couple OMGWTFBBQ dispatches over Roberts from them too. At least they don’t take the IF YOU DON’T SEND US MONEY RIGHT NOW-AND NOT TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS EITHER, WE WANT A LARGE CHECK-ROE WILL BE HISTORY approach to fundraising.

If there’s anything I’ve learned about the quagmire of politics, it is this-most people don’t care unless it’s something that directly affects them or someone close to them. To the average person, the overturning of Roe is no big deal compared to, say, who wins American Idol or the latest dirt on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But if they or someone they love want an abortion, THEN they’re going to care-only to find that it may be too late.

Which is just the way it’s wanted.

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16 Responses to “Want some bacon to go with that egg on your face?”

  1. Fanaticism of any degree is never pretty.

    I support reasoned caution and investigation of the facts, I never support ‘OMG the world is going to end and all women will be forceably impregnated and forced to carry to term!’ hysteria.

    Fact is, they’ve tried to overturn Roe several times, and failed. Nothing to me indicates that this will change – the world has moved on a lot since the legislation went in and people are more aware of their rights and are more willing to sue if they are prevented from using those rights.

    So am I concerned? No.

  2. I hate that some of the anti-choicers are using this against the entire pro-choice movement.



  3. NARAL screwed up all right; they were just chompin’ at bit to attack the nominee. This is not that bad though; hopefully this will be a lesson learned…think before you act…

    I like what the commander said about the world moving on since the original legislation. I have hope that “we the people” will use rational thinking and awareness through education to stomp out the voices of those yelling “murder” from the brain-washed, self-centered, judgmental anti-choice groups. We have to keep up the good fight.

    I don’t get it; the anti-choicers want more babies brought into the world; to be raised by people who really don’t want them or can’t care for them due to any number of reasons. More babies to grow up in more trailer parks, slums, 3rd world countries – to be subject to starvation, disease – or the anger and rage of acohol & drug addicted parents (who need help themnselves_. What a prospect. Then these lovelies will grow up and pass on the ignorance to their children. The anti-choicers are trying to force a future for humanity that is wrought with terror. Let’s hope humanity continues to become more educated and aware of their rights, their communities and their environment.

  4. I do not like NARAL. I wish they did not have to exist…but I understand why they do. (My $ goes to PP.)

  5. There’s yet another reason to be mad at NARAL! I read in today’s Metro section of the Richmond Times-Dispatch that NARAL Virginia also released statements about this year’s upcoming political candidates. Evidently, they released info about Kilgore and Kaine (our gubernatorial candidates), but did NOT comment on Russ Potts, a Republican Senator from VA who is totally pro-choice and running as an Indy. He’s a great guy and has been pushed out of all of the debates this year because of Kilgore (R). If NARAL starts snubbing these guys, who do they have left to rely on?! For the record, they said that Kilgore was an absolute no-no and that Kaine was still no good but better than Kilgore…our options are looking slim!

  6. I have a Women 4 Kaine bumper sticker on my wheel cover-he may be personally opposed to abortion, but he supports choice and has a lot of good ideas. I can’t believe Potts got snubbed though. I’ve met him a couple times and he’s a total sweetheart and that rarity, a pro-choice Repub. I had a nice chat with him a couple of months ago. Kilgore is just a a-hole and so are his people-VLPP (Virginia League of Planned Parenthood for the non-Virginians) set up a table at the Watermelon Festival this past weekend, across the street from Kilgore’s tent. We sent a couple of volunteers across Cary Street with clipboards (we all had on pink PP t-shirts). Well, apparently Kilgore’s people took acception to us because about an hour and a half they abruptly packed up and moved across the street, literally erecting their tent over the volunteers. “We were told to come over here by the cops,” they told us. However, when we asked the cops they knew nothing.

  7. Mwahahahaha- I remember that, you had to literally walk through the tent if you wanted to stay on the sidewalk. Ridiculous! Potts also wasn’t allowed a tent because he was a third party Indy. I think that’s the problem- even our electoral system promotes division among parties. If you’re not a D or an R, you’re not afforded all the same opportunities- and doesn’t that speak against that whole “all [people] created equal” mantra? Not a sermon, just a thought…

    Shameless Plug: Supreme Court nomination community forum at UR tonight at 7pm for all of you locals. Sorry, Webmistress, had to do it! 😉

  8. I hope it went well!

  9. Just an FYI, PP did in fact endorse John Kerry in the 04 election. I believe it’s the first time they’ve ever endorsed a candidate for President.

  10. Why has a penny stock tip been pasted here? Am I missing something? Does this company support NARAL or something? Or did “margretgreene1970″ wander onto the wrong blog?

  11. It’s blog comment spam.

  12. I`ve never seen blog comment spam before — what a concept. I wondered if it was some pro-life conspiracy — “Heh heh heh, I`ll just leave these crappy stock tips on pro-abortion sites so they invest and lose all their money, heh heh heh…” Impoverishing the opposition, etc.

  13. The admin might want to checkout Blogger’s new feature that helps stop comment spam. Go to Search “Word verification”.

  14. Thanks for the information, but since this is the first and so far only incident of this I’ll hold off on the more draconian measures for now. 🙂

  15. I like NARAL. I like that they are there. I like our local chapter.


  16. It’s possible that since you live in a “blue” state that NARAL there isn’t as strident. NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia can be VERY heavy-handed at times.

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