Vickey’s Story

I always said I would never get an abortion but I got one. I was 15 when I had my abortion. I was so scared, embarrassed, and ashamed when I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I didn’t have jobs and were both in 9th grade. My parents and his parents said they supported us doing what ever we wanted but I knew they couldn’t really help us out since we are both from a low income family. At first I thought I would keep the baby but then I thought about what I was giving up—high school, prom, college, parties, friends, a future career, my perfect body, all the traveling I wanted to do, all the stuff I wanted for myself like nice clothes and shoes, my entire like… my future—my dreams would be over!! More importantly I started thinking about MY baby… what kind of life would he or she have? We have no money so it wouldn’t have the best clothes, toys, special treats, or their own room, he/she would have a very young mom and dad who have no clue what to do and are still babies themselves, they would be made fun at school if anyone found out when I had him, my boyfriend and me would be on welfare or at a low wage jobs making nothing so we would be poor and never be home which mean the baby would be not well cared for and not be able to give a baby/child/teen everything he/she wants… we would always have to say no to wants it had, he would be made fun of because he/she wouldn’t be able to have all the stuff the other kids did. Having an abortion was the hardest thing I’ve ever done… I thought I would regret it, and be sad but that so wasn’t true… I mean I was sad for about a week but then I thought about it less and less… now I almost never think about it… it’s not like something you never get over or something that haunts you forever. I was also sacred it would hurt… man I was so happy I didn’t feel a thing the whole thing took like 10 minutes! I’m happy I did what I did! I did the best thing for my family, my boyfriend, my self and MOST importantly MY baby. It was hard but I did it all for my baby… I was selfless. NO REGRETS!