Valerie’s Story

I had an abortion back in September 2004 and do NOT regret my decision at all. There was absolutely no good reason to keep my pregnancy. A lot of people will say their reasons for terminating their pregnancies were due to financial struggle, instability, etc. and while we were financially struggling a bit, my main reason was simply me not wanting to have a baby, plain and simple. I’m married and have two young children so my life has been naturally hectic for the last few years. My husband and I experienced contraceptive failure and I knew that if I did get a positive pregnancy test, there would be no doubt in my mind that I did not wish to carry to term. It took me 4 weeks to obtain my abortion due to financial circumstances and when the doctor grabbed my hand, lifted me off the table and said “you’re all done”, I felt like I could breathe again. Four agonizing weeks of Hell is what I went through. I wanted to terminate the pregnancy the week I found out, so being forced to stay pregnant for an additional month was sickening for me. As a woman who has carried to term two times before, has given birth and has raised two gorgeous babies, I know what it’s like to experience a wonderful, loving pregnancy. I also know what it’s like to be faced with an unwanted pregnancy and be repulsed.