Trisha’s Story

My name is Trisha. I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant. I terminated my pregnancy and I’m not sorry.

I was living with my boyfriend and we had been dating for a year. I had been getting nauseous at work and my period was a few weeks late.

I was so stressed out I had my boyfriend buy the pregnancy test. When I got the positive result back I cried. I have always been pro-choice but at that time I didn’t know what to do. I was scared. After a few hours I calmed down because I knew I had a choice. There was no doubt in my mind I wasn’t ready for a child.

The next few days were spent researching clinics in my area and getting up the nerve to call them.

I made an appointment for the next week. I would be having the medical procedure performed.

On February 10, 2005 I went to my scheduled 10am appointment. I was nervous about anti-choicers being outside. When I got there I saw a few outside on the sidewalks. One was holding a large poster of a fetus.

I parked around back. When I came around they yelled to me that I didn’t have to go in there. I told myself they were right but I was making the right choice.

I checked in and filled out some forms. A little later I got an ultrasound. I was 7 weeks, 3 days along. I thought I was, at the most, 4.5 weeks.

I was so surprised when I went upstairs, and turned the corner, at the number of people who were there waiting. It was comforting in a way.

I read some mandatory things about the surgical and medical procedures. I filled out some more forms. I saw girls coming and going. After a little while my name was called. I went into a small office and sat down and talked with a counselor about birth control, feelings, and any questions I had. I was told to wait to get blood work done. Finally I was brought down to an exam room and a doctor came in and gave me a vaginal exam. I was given the tablets that would cause me to miscarry and mild painkillers.

I went home and followed what I was told and had read. My boyfriend came home later and comforted me. He told me I was a strong and smart woman. When it was all over a few days later I knew everything would be okay. I wasn’t a bad person. I went back for a check up visit. This time there were more anti-choicers outside. They told me I didn’t have to go in and I told the men to their faces that I knew I didn’t “have” to do anything. I kept on walking right past them. I had blood work done and another ultrasound. It was all over. I felt very happy with the decision that I made. I KNOW I did the right thing. You probably noticed I did not you the word “abortion” in my story. In today’s society that word it linked to everything anti-choicers have said and will say. Murder, sin, shame. I did not murder the fetus, I did not sin and I am NOT shamed by my choice.