Sep 052010

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I was 26 years old when I had my abortion. I am now 38.

Prior to becoming pregnant, I had been diagnosed with major depression. In addition to this, I was living with my boyfriend who had a terrible drinking problem. He was unsupportive, and verbally and physically abusive to me. My life at the time was one big blur. I didn’t know where my life was going. I had no confidence, cried all the time, and was just mentally unstable.

When I discovered I was pregnant I broke down into tears. Up until that moment, I had no idea of what my future held, or if I had any at all. But after the initial shock passed, I immediately knew what I was going to do. For the first time in years, I knew exactly what I needed to do. There was no way I could bring a child into the environment I was living in. I had no family nearby to help me. I didn’t make enough money to support myself let alone a child. AND I knew that I had to leave my abusive boyfriend. It was truly an awakening for me.

I told my boyfriend I was pregnant and that I wanted to get an abortion. He did not object.

Within the following months I under went a huge transformation. I lost weight, went to a self help group, and soon afterwards, left my abusive boyfriend. When I think back now about my choice, I can say without doubt, that it was the best choice for everyone. Subjecting a child to that environment; an alcoholic, abusive father, and a mentally exhausted and unstable mother, would have not only been a tragedy but it would have continued ‘the cycle’.

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