Teri’s Story

I had an abortion in the 1980’s when I was a young woman. I am almost 50 now and even though it isn’t a subject I talk about, I am not sorry I did it.

I was 23 and working as a model and there was no way I could have kept the baby because I was far away from my family, not married to the father and didn’t want to be. My birth control didn’t work and I am grateful that I had this option as a back-up, after the procedure I had a tubal ligation-I really don’t like and never wanted children. In the nearly 25 years since I had the abortion, I have fervently supported the pro-choice people. Even though I knew I’d never be pregnant again, I did not want the right to choose taken away from the women in this country. I have never regretted the choice I made and I am grateful that I live in a country where I was free to make this choice.