Tassi’s Story

I was raised by parents that were very strict. So strict and old-fashioned that even as a 22 year old, I was too ashamed to tell them that I was pregnant and unwed. I had always been pro-choice, so I was thinking about abortion was nothing new for me. I am still a firm believer in the right to choose.

I often hear people list financial hardships as the reason that they wanted to have an abortion. I, however, had no financial hardships. I have a good job as a linguist in the Air Force, am paid well, have access to free higher education, and the military would have paid for my apartment and increased my pay. Also, unlike most other women, I have access to free medical care.

I thought long and hard about having my baby, but in two weeks decided that I did want to have an abortion. I followed through with the procedure, and I am very glad that I did. I see girls all around me getting married and having children at a young age. In my heart, I feel sorry for them. I am sure that some of them are happy, but then again, it comes down to a person’s right to choose. I made the right choice for me.

The only thing that hurts me about my abortion is my family. I saw abortion protestors outside of the abortion clinic reading bibles, and they reminded me of my parents. It is ironic that these people protesting abortion are also the same people, like my parents, that would probably look down on me for being pregnant in the first place.

When I finally told my mother later, she just said that it shouldn’t have happened anyway. I should not have been having sex, she said.

I am thankful for the people that treated me with respect and kindness at the clinic. I am also grateful for their treating me like an adult who is capable of making decisions for myself. The procedure did not hurt, and I know others that have had abortions…. No one is experiencing post-traumatic stress.