Tania’s Story

Early one morning I decided to use the HPT that was in our bathroom, I wasn’t late, I hadn’t all of the sudden become sick, I just had a feeling and it was right, within minutes the word ‘Pregnant’ appeared. I felt like my world had just stopped. I went back to bed and told my husband. Neither of us were ready for it. We are both 22 and have been married for just over a year, I am studying and my husband has just started his own business. We were on birth control and weren’t planning on starting a family so soon. I became severely sick. It was horrible, I couldn’t hold down anything, I lost a rapid amount of weight, I was admitted to hospital and for a few weeks I couldn’t get out of bed. Our immediate family figured out I was pregnant but we were hoping to keep it from them as they’re all pro-life and believe abortion is evil. My husband and I are pro-choice and knew for us at this moment in our lives, abortion was a definite option.

We decided and booked an appointment with a local clinic, I was around 10 weeks along. When we arrived there were protestors outside the building. We got inside and I was asked for a sample and given forms to fill out. I was really nervous and scared, yet relieved at the same time. My name was called and I went with a nurse to have an ultrasound. She was lovely and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She then took me to talk to me about the decision, as well as taking my temperature and blood pressure. I then went and got my husband and we were taken to another waiting room.

We sat and talked about the future, laughed and even cried a little. There were a lot of emotions, scared, nervousness, but we both knew it was the best decision. After what seemed like forever the doctor took us into her office, asked a few questions regarding my medical history and then sent me off to get changed. I got changed and walked out to my husband, we were immediately called into another room where a male doctor took my heart rate and then walked us into the surgery room. I started to get really nervous as it seemed like it was happening to quickly, which in hindsight was definitely a good thing. I was asked to lie down on the bed, my husband sat beside me and held my hand. The male doctor gave me a needle, which to my surprise I hardly felt, I looked at my husband and that’s the last thing I remember. I woke up in the recovery area and was given a cup of tea and some biscuits. A nurse did some checks and then my husband was brought in and we were allowed to go home. By the next day my morning sickness had ended and I was able to eat again. I had spotting and minor cramps for about a week. I started to feel like me again and felt so relieved that it was all over.

We told our family we were simply no longer pregnant, some things are better left unsaid. It’s been 2 weeks since the abortion and I can honestly say that my husband and I are happier than ever and are excited about what lies in our future. This journey has definitely brought us closer together. We are in no position to be able to offer a child a good life at the moment, maybe one day, but definitely not today. I’m not sorry; it was the best decision for us.