Susan’s Story

I was 18 and in my first semester of college. I had met my first real boyfriend earlier that year so I actually had a date for prom! (I didn’t think I would) I lost my virginity to him. We kept seeing each other even though he knew I was headed for college in the fall. I tried to be strong and tell him that we would both be free when I left, but when I came home for the weekend I had to see him. Somehow he was out of condoms, but since my period had just ended the day before, I figured it was as safe as it would ever be.

Wrong! Almost immediately I knew I was pregnant. Boobs ached, and I was sick all day, not just in the morning! There was never any doubt that I would have an abortion- I’d been waiting all through high school to get out of my parent’s house. No way would I go back! Even though they probably would have supported my decision, I never told them. A good friend went with me, and this was in 1981 before all the protests began. Not that it would have stopped me.

I thank the same God they worship that I did not have to carry an unwanted child. The father was hateful and denied it was his and had already taken up with another woman by the time I told him. It would have been an utter disaster to stay with him, or be hooked to him forever by a baby.

I will say that I admire women who can be raped and carry it to term. Or give a baby away for adoption. But I couldn’t, and don’t think any woman should HAVE to. I also find it interesting that the same people who would have abortion be illegal won’t support the idea of health care for everyone. One of the reasons most couples will abort a disabled child is because of the enormous cost of raising one.

I am also appalled at the lack of help single mothers get after the baby is born, especially from those who talked her into having it!

I have never for one second regretted it.