Summer’s Story

I had an abortion at 6 weeks. I had no medical condition making it a life or death situation. I was not in an abusive relationship, or afraid to tell my parents that I was pregnant, or homeless, or depressed. I just did not want to be pregnant.

I am a mother of three, in a committed relationship with the father of my children. We had been together eight years and were planning to have a fourth child in a few years. We were using a combination of condoms and timing to prevent pregnancy. I had planned to begin taking the pills soon, but as I was still breastfeeding my youngest I wanted to wait. From my own previous experience taking the pill tended to make my milk supply very low.

I was pretty sure that I was pregnant almost immediately. I had a feeling the next day that something had probably happened. I waited until my period should have come, and when it was late I took a test. As soon as I saw the plus sign I began making phone calls to clinic in my state. There was no sorry, no shame, and no regret. We were not ready to add another child to our family. I did not want to go through pregnancy again so soon after having my last child. Without an ounce of doubt I scheduled my appointment and began putting together funds.

I was six weeks when I was able to get into my state’s only abortion provider. I was counseled, explained the risks, and cared for by the sweetest nurses I had ever met. I was given my pill to take, a shot to prevent nausea, a bottle of antibiotics, and some pills to insert to encourage my body to flush the embryo. That night I had mild cramping, by the next day I had passed the clump and it was over.

It was not sad, or a difficult situation. I am not ashamed, nor do I regret my choice.