Still here, still clear

September has been my down month for a while now. While everyone else is going back to school, I’m taking vacations and celebrating birthdays. Both my husband and I have September birthdays as well as one of his sisters so we do an en masse celebration, although I’m now at the age where birthdays are kind of scary. I completely overdosed on baseball; our week-long vacation was to Chicago with a day trip to Milwaukee and we got in three White Sox/Red Sox games, a Cardinals/Brewers game and a Reds/Cubs game. I’ve fallen into the habit of taking solo road trips on the Natal Day Weekend (the last weekend of September) and this year treated myself to the entire Red Sox/Yankees series at the new Yankee Stadium in New York, culminating in watching my beloved Yanks take the American League East the day before my birthday.

Okay, there’s “What Patricia Did On Her Summer Vacation.” What about “What INS Is Doing,” hmm?

There’ll be an update to the site probably this week-the story box has gotten backed up and stares me in the face every time I check INS mail so I’ll get to work on that. I anticipate at least one more update in 2009, possibly two depending on volume. If you check INS’ main page you’ll see that the long-threatened link to Facebook is finally there. INS did have a dormant Twitter account that I may reactivate to get you links faster. There’s been some small media interest as well, one instance coming up next week that I’ll get out info on as soon as I have it.

In the meantime, thanks as always for supporting INS and my incredible laziness. Don’t think I don’t notice or appreciate!