Son of “Um … whoa”

Seems like only yesterday Pete of the scarily anti-abortion March Together blog completely bought a seven-year-old story from The Onion and ranted about those evil babykilling whores … oh, yeah, it was. Anyway, after getting his figurative marshmallows toasted by both sides telling him the story was BS, one would think that Pete would perhaps post something along the lines of “Oh man, is MY face red!” and redeem himself, at least among his “pro-life” brethren.

But no. In keeping with his increasingly obvious lack of a sense of humor, compassion, and possibly sanity, Pete came roaring back today with this, in which he claims that he meets women like the fictional Caroline Weber all the time and outlines a story about a woman who was hanging out while he and his buddies put up their “genocidal awareness signs” (I take it this was around a park or somewhere). Anyone who reads this account can plainly see that the woman is totally fucking with him, but Pete again totally buys what she’s saying. And the kicker? He still quotes The Onion story and puts satire in quotation marks-in short, he still believes the article is true. The Inoculated Mind does a brilliant breakdown of the latest idiocy post, so read and laugh. And yes, his fellow “pro-lifers” are still giving him crap. It can be humorous when the antis turn on one of their own.

This just in-there’s a third post in which in typical zealot fashion Pete trashes the American public school system. Talk about clinging to the propellers as the Titanic goes for its final dive …