Shannon’s Story

I am almost 25 years old, single, still not finished with college and a living everyday without regret that I had an abortion. You see, as the clock rolled over on December 31st 1999 and the dawn brough a new millenium, I was only 2 days away from finding out my life was about to change. I was seeing a guy from work, only casually, but we had sex regularly. I was on birth control pills. We had gone to the clinic and gotten STD tests, we were monogamous, we were RESPONSIBLE!!!

In December I had gotten bronchitis and had to take antibiotics. I had never read, and no doctor had ever explained that antibiotics effect hormonal birth control to me. I just didn’t know. Somehow I knew immediately when I became pregnant. My breasts ached so much and I felt warm all over. I tested myself at home twice and they were positive. However, when I went to the abortion clinic my initial test was negative. They were afraid my pregnancy was ectopic, but when they did the ultasound, they discovered the tiniest embryo. I was only about 3 weeks pregnant, I hadn’t even missed a period.

On January 8th I went in for the procedure. I had “twilight sedation” where you are given strong pain killers and some sort of drug to render you unable to move. It was a weird sensation. I wish I would have gone for full sedation (which is more dangerous). I remember what it was like vividly, the sounds, the discomfort during the dialation and the evacuation. It was eerie. I had a lot of emotional ups and downs in the following months. Some years around the time of the abortion I get a little emotional. I know that we did not want that baby. I know I wouldn’t have been a good mother. I wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready to be a dad either. It was not always easy, but I do not regret my decision.

I support a woman’s decision to terminate her pregnancy. I urge women to learn all they can about sexual health and reproductive choices. I think that detailed information, and well sought out education about our bodies is our best choice. In the event of an accident, I hope abortion will always be an option for me and other women. I am not sorry, but these days I am not stupid.