Say it loud!

As I was monitoring the latest bicker session on here and reading some e-mail and guestbook stuff, another one of my pet peeves surfaced. I’ve talked about it a bit in other places, but I feel this is worthy of an entry (yea, verily, for I am the Lord thy Blogkeeper and can decide thusly).

I would say that out of all the hate mail and guestbook entries and now blog comment entries I get, maybe five percent of the anti-choicers sign their names. That doesn’t includes the ones who think they’re clever and sign “itna niotroba” or other heavy-handed crap.

While my name isn’t on INS, it’s on here, it’s in the interviews I do, it’s there on the rare occasions I sign anti-choicer guestbooks. I am not ashamed of my views, and I’m not afraid to express them. I’ve had a lot of people express concern that one day I’ll get whacked by some nutcase or that I’ll get harassed, and to be honest the harassment has happened. After all, my last name’s not exactly Smith. That fallout, however, has fallen more on my husband and in-laws than on me. My husband was once told in the supermarket that he was married to a baby-killing (c-word commonly used to describe female genitalia) who liked to brag about it on her website. How did this lovely specimen of humanity figure that out? He was looking at my husband’s checkbook as he wrote a check. Some, not bothering to check first names, just send out e-mails to anyone with my last name-two of my sisters-in-law have gotten e-mails like that. My father-in-law, who is seventy-three and not in the greatest health, has gotten flyers stuffed in his mailbox with doctored pictures saying YOUR SON LIKES TO WATCH BABIES BEING MURDERED. Fortunately, all of them see it as the vile propaganda it is, but at the same time I feel bad that they have to deal with it. But will it make me back down? Absolutely not.

But do these cowards EVER sign the fliers or the e-mails? Of course not. One would think that they would be proud to stand up for the murdered babies, the suffering women, state loud and clear “I’m so-and-so and this is what I believe!” As I said on the bicker thread, at least Ann Marie Cosgrove had the guts to sign her name. Would that many of the idiots could say the same.

So starting now, a new rule-ANYONE who posts as “anonymous” will be deleted. You are not required to log into this site or give any information other than a first name. If you are brave enough to post an opinion, you should be brave enough to put your name to it. Besides, you want to make sure people see what you have to say, don’t you?