Sara’s Story

My story is similar to some of those I have read here, but it is different to me, because it is mine. I have not told anyone this story. My husband knows about it because he was there, but I have never told anyone else. I feel like I should, because I am not ashamed, and I am not sorry.

I had an abortion on March 23, 2000. I was 20 years old and about to go back to college in the fall. I had been dating my boyfriend at the time (my husband now) for a couple of years and we planned on getting married, but had already decided that we would not have any children. My pregnancy was a shock to me, as I was on the pill at the time, but looking back I was probably not a completely responsible pill-taker.

I knew right away that I would have an abortion. Planned Parenthood in my city does not do abortions but they were very helpful and kind and gave me all of the information that I needed. I went to the clinic nine days later, when I was 7 weeks pregnant and had the abortion. Everyone at the clinic was nice to me, and no one made me feel anything less than okay for what I was doing. Thankfully I never had to deal with any protesters.

I was nervous about the procedure, but I knew I was doing the right thing for myself. I was not ready emotionally, financially or otherwise to have a child. I have always believed that I did the right thing for myself and for that child.

I have struggled with some confusing feelings about the abortion from time to time in the years since I had one. I have grieved over the loss of that potential life, although I do not believe that I killed a child. Even though I have dealt with sadness at times about having to make this decision, I have never regretted it and I have never been sorry. I cannot express how grateful I am to live in a time and a place where I had the freedom and the right to make the decision that was best for my family and me.