Sep 052010

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I was 23 and a junior in college. A male friend and I went out one night and got hammered. We went back to his house where I put the moves on him. We had sex and it was unprotected. I honestly did not think being stupid once would leave me pregnant. Weeks later, the severe nausea and fatigue began. I took several tests that were negative but I knew. I finally took one that was positive. Then I took several more just to be sure. I have never been so devastated in my life. I told the so-called man and his choice was to ignore me for several weeks until I called and told him of my decision to terminate.

The abortion doctor was great but his nurse was horrible to all of us. She treated us with disdain. The abortion procedure itself was quite painful. I cried because it hurt so bad. But afterward, all I felt was relief. Thank God for my parents. They supported me and paid for the abortion. This was 12 years ago and it still crosses my mind from time to time. But i made the right choice. I share my story now more than I used to. Especially with anti-choicers that call us baby killers. Only a woman who has had to make that choice truly knows what it’s like. Thank God it’s legal.

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