Sarah’s Story

An immature 15-year-old, who is pretending to be 3 years older to hang around with people she thinks are who she wants to be with.

She’s in love with a boy, who is 6 years older than her, and doesn’t know it.

They end up on the floor of his friend’s bathroom, and don’t speak afterwards.

This was me, a little more than two years ago.

I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks after the fact. I had a weird feeling since that night, and as soon as I was late, I went to the clinic and found out the truth. I never had any other idea in my mind of what I wanted. I was young, he was old. It was illegal. I was not about to let my life be over at the age of 15. Except in my town you had to be over 18 to have an abortion without your parents’ consent. So I had my buddy drive me to the next town for all my appointments.

I never wanted to tell the father; just for the fact I had never even spoken to him before or after our little fling. He ended up finding out through a mutual friend, and luckily supported and encouraged my decision. I suffered through humiliating appointments, and was extremely nervous the day it came, I cried and tried to change my mind, but knew what I was doing was right.

Afterwards I felt nothing but relief. I bled for a little, and had some cramps, but then all was normal. Occasionally I think of how different my life would be, not in a regretful way, but in more of a “wow, what a different life I would have” way. Never once have I regretted my decision. And it taught me to be much more careful about giving myself away.