Rose’s Story

In May 1999 I was a junior in High School and for a month straight I did not feel good. At prom I felt like fainting and I was so hungry all the time. And then one morning my mom heard me throwing up. I was so scared and so upset. I had to pull myself together and go take a final. I was in love for the first time and I trusted this person with all my heart. I talked to him about abortion before. I asked him the infamous question, “What would you do?” He told me that he would raise the baby the best way he could and support it the best way he could. And I told him that I had rights and I wasn’t ready to be a mom. I wasn’t done with high school yet. So with his support (even though he wanted to keep the baby at all cost) I had an abortion.

My mom supported me and knew that was the right thing for me. The clinic I went to was calm. I was surprised to see the range of ages in there. I was a little upset when I saw pregnant bellies. But I remembered that it was their right to be there and I didn’t think about there could be something wrong with the baby. The staff oddly enough were all pregnant. They were all very nice and easy to talk to and the doctor was sympathetic. I had a great experience.

Afterward, I felt so much better. All the sickness went away and I could eat a decent meal. But I was still clouded with love. Then I left for the summer and he came to visit me. And we had sex and he conveniently forgot to put the condom on. I got pregnant again and without hesitation I went back to the clinic and had the abortion. I went on and played sports and did my senior year thing.

It worked out for me. I was not meant to have babies by that guy. It hurt to be pregnant. We eventually broke up after our first year in college. I moved on and met other people. He later confessed that he was trying to get me pregnant the whole time. Little did he know I was getting the shot after the 2 abortions.

I am 22 now and have a 1-year-old daughter who is my world. I have to tell you all, I did not know the man more than 2 months and I got pregnant. We are still together and I had a great pregnancy. I couldn’t imagine having a baby at 17, but at 21 I was ready. It was right for me. I love being a mother and couldn’t be the mother I am today if I had not made the right decisions when I was 17.

I made my decisions and I am so happy that I had choices. Not everyone is ready. On the third one I was. Good luck to all women and remember it is your body and you know what is right for you! Most importantly it is your right, not anyone else’s.