Robyn’s Story

I am 31 years old and the mother of 1 year old twins. I found out less than 1 week ago that I was pregnant again. I knew that since the father did not help me much at all with the two children that we currently have together I was not going to get any help with a third and that I could not go through another pregnancy. My first pregnancy with the twins was very hard as I was extremely sick for months. I have always been pro-choice just not sure if it was a choice I could make. I wanted any future pregnancies to be in a loving and supportive relationship and knew that again I was not in that place. I made the decision about 2 hours after finding out I was pregnant. I looked for a clinic on the internet. I found a clinic not far from my home, about 10 minutes. The woman who answered the phone was very helpful and answered any questions I had. The counselor at the clinic was also helpful and the whole staff made this difficult decision a little easier. They performed a sonogram and to my shock I was again pregnant with twins. The doctor asked if I wanted to still go through with the procedure and let me know it was ok if I didn’t. But I have found it financially hard taking care of my twins and knew I could not provide for 2 more. I was not prepared for the discomfort that I felt but the nurse held my hand and even wiped away my tears. It has been a rough few hours since my procedure. I have thought about the “what if’s” and even calculated what would have been the due date. But I have since found peace. I can devote my time and resources to the wonderful children I have now. I am not sorry for this decision. And I hope that women around the world can make choices that fit their lives without judgment.