Robin’s Story

I found out that I was pregnant in a fraternity house bathroom. Classy, I know. My boyfriend was still sleeping in the other room, unaware that at that very moment I was shaking uncontrollably and trying to muffle my sobbing so the other boys couldn’t hear. I went to him later that morning and showed him the positive test. He asked me to take another. A couple of hours later I was staring at yet another pink plus sign. Great.

We are college students, Greek-life members, artists and athletes. Neither of us works, we don’t have the time for it. I’m so busy I sometimes feel that I am neglectful to my cat (who, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t give two cents whether I’m in the house or not, as long as he is fed.) So when we found that I was pregnant we decided immediately that there was only one option. I called Planned Parenthood to schedule an abortion.

I was stressed, depressed, and sick to my stomach when I made the call. The man who answered and made my appointment was snappy and cold. I could hear people chatting and laughing in the background, it made me feel so much worse. I had to wait 11 days for my appointment.

After a week and a half of waiting, the day finally came. My boyfriend and I left the house right after we’d finished classes on a Thursday and drove the nearly 2 hours to the closest abortion provider. The drive went well and we arrived at the Planned Parenthood. A police officer was at the front door; he checked our identification and directed us inside. After checking in, filling out a few pages of paperwork and waiting about 30 minutes I was called back to check my temperature, give a blood sample, and have an ultrasound. I was just shy of 8 weeks pregnant, still able to have a chemical abortion. It was a relief. My boyfriend paid the fee (how generous) and we were told to return in an hour and a half. We went to Panera Bread. I had a chicken salad sandwich. I couldn’t believe that I felt so… normal.

When we got back to the clinic we waited about an hour. I was called in back, a doctor talked with me about the medication, its side effects, and how the abortion would work. I took a pill. She gave me a bag of “goodies” (antibiotics, pain killers, a second round of pills for the abortion, and some condoms. Thanks!) I returned to the waiting room, grabbed my boyfriend and we left.

Taking the pills at home the next night was easy. I had some chills and nausea, then cramps. I was expecting heavy bleeding, but it turned out to be just a bit heavier than my normal menstrual period. I relaxed over the weekend, read, studied, and went to one dinner party on Sunday night. I couldn’t believe how smooth the entire thing went.

Besides feeling better physically (good-bye morning sickness) I feel relief from the stress and worry of being pregnant. I also feel stronger as a person, as a woman who was sure of what she wanted and did it. No worries, no questions, no regrets.