Sep 062010

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At sixteen, I got pregnant in the back of a car on prom night. I had only met the boy once before, but he had sufficiently pressured me into having sex with him so he could lose his virginity before he graduated.

After that night, the boy became super-possessive over me. He wouldn’t let me see my friends and he told me he didn’t like me talking to other boys, and we weren’t even together! I told him that I didn’t like him and never wanted to see him again, and I got my wish.

About a month later, I woke up hardly able to stand. I was so dizzy and so nauseous. Everything I ate would come back up, and even when I didn’t eat anything, I’d have to run to the toilet anyway.

When I went to work, I went to the supermarket to buy a pregnancy test during my lunch break. I ran back to work and took it to the bathroom, and as the two lines appeared, I just sat back and laughed.

I then had a new boy I was friends with. We had been good friends for about six months, and so the first thing I did was call him. I then found an open adoption agency and decided that’s what I would do with the child.

A week later, I was still throwing up constantly and hardly able to go to work. I managed to work about two days a week for only four to five hours sipping on ice cold water the entire time. When I was asked to take out the trash, I would throw up inside the bag from the smell. I couldn’t even stand the smell of my new puppy!

I was terrified to tell my mother. At first, I wasn’t even going to. I decided I was going to runaway, but unfortunately my mother found out my plans and stopped me. I then told her angrily that I was pregnant. Instead of her screaming, she hugged me and told me she had two unwanted pregnancies as well that resulted in an abortion.

I then called my prom date. I told him I was pregnant and he asked me if it was a girl or a boy, told me the baby would be beautiful and then decided that he wanted a DNA test. I told him he was an idiot, and hung up. To this day he has never tried to contact me.

After he didn’t contact me for a month, I decided I wanted an abortion. I didn’t want to have his child, and furthermore, I just knew I couldn’t have a child! I knew I wouldn’t graduate high school, go to college, or keep my impressive job if I was to follow through with my pregnancy.

I made my appointment with Planned Parenthood and with my mom and new boyfriend, I went to the clinic. I really didn’t think much of it in the waiting room; I was actually kind of excited to get it out of me! I was still throwing up every single time I ate or drank anything and I had lost almost twenty pounds. I was so tired all the time, and I knew if I couldn’t handle it then, I couldn’t handle it when the kid actually came.

As I went in for the procedure, they told me I was three months pregnant. They gave me three Zantacs and some Vicodin. My boyfriend came back with me and held my hand and covered my ears. He whispered that he loved me as the procedure took place, and I cried from the mix of emotions.

I sat back in the waiting room where I was told I was very mature for my age. They told me mistakes happen and 1/3of women have abortions and it was a perfectly natural and safe procedure.

I’m not sorry I had an abortion. One day, I hope to have children, but I want the child to come to a stable and loving home. I now have goals and plans for the future, and now I’m closer to achieving them than ever. I know this wouldn’t have happened if I had the child.

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