Rachel’s Story

I am a 36 year old mother of two, and grandma of one from Atlanta, Georgia. Almost 20 years ago, I had an abortion. I did so at the urging of my parents, and everyone else.

While inside I knew it probably was the best thing, my emotions rebelled. Still, I didn’t know what else to do. I made the appointment, and went through with it, Oct 17, 1987. I lived many years later in regret. I had gone into full anti-abortion mode, even attending a pro-life march in DC once. I just knew that if abortion was illegal, no woman could ever experience the emotional pain I had. I also began to mature, and explore, reluctantly, the other side: the pro-choice side. I talked with other women who both regretted and did not regret their decisions. I decided my personal turmoil, although very real to me….was not a reason to deny another woman that choice.

This new found idea was put to the test when my daughter’s aunt became pregnant. She already had 4 kids, divorced, and was physically and emotionally spent. There is no doubt that having a child could not benefit her or her family in any way. I went with her to have the abortion, and today, we both feel it was the best thing to do.

Several years later, my best friend became pregnant by an abusive boyfriend. She made the same choice, and I was the moral support. … I can now say my views on the choice issue have come full circle. Unlike most women with stories here, I WAS sorry about my abortion, and will always believe I shouldn’t have aborted. However, this is what choice is all about: that it was MY choice, not my parents or friends. Although I regretted my decision, I am not sorry that the choice is available. It should always remain legal.