Pro-life, my ass

Dr. George Tiller shot and killed at his church in Witchita

Way to go, antis. You’ve been gunning (pun intended) for this guy for decades, and your perseverance paid off. Spare me the pious denunciations-I couldn’t help but notice that Operation Rescue immediately came flailing with the OMGWTFBBQ WE DON’T CONDOOOOONE THIS WE VALUE ALLLLL LIFE shit. Forums and boards are filled with thousands who share your views gloating over Tiller’s murder, doing everything but dancing down the hallway singing Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead. And guess what? They’re going to be the public faces of your movement. They ARE the public faces of your movement. It’s true that the majority doesn’t like abortion, but they damn well don’t like someone getting shot over it either.

I have always had the utmost respect for Dr. Tiller and the service he provided to women when no one else would. I salute his refusal to cave to the antis even after his first shooting-and how much does it suck to write that, “first shooting”-and the clinic bombing. It’s sad that his life ended as it did … and even sadder that it came as no surprise.

INS contributor Elena wrote of her experience at Dr. Tiller’s clinic; it can be read here.

Thank you, Dr. Tiller. You won’t be forgotten for your honesty and bravery. May your murderer be brought swiftly to justice.

ETA: A suspect is in custody. Also the Wichita Eagle has set up a guestbook at which you may leave condolences for the Tiller family.