Post-election shoutouts

Barack Obama, the president-elect, who got so many people enthusiastic about politics either for the first time or again and made fist-bumping people in supermarkets acceptable behavior. I look forward to his term to see what he’ll do.

Joe Biden, who as vice president will scare far less people than Dick Cheney.

John McCain, who despite an incredibly ugly campaign gave a very gracious concession speech and quieted some of his more classless followers when they booed Obama. I think his time was in 2000 despite his nomination this year.

Sarah Palin, who stood her ground despite the near-constant mockery. Don’t be surprised in 2012. Fearful, yes, but not surprised.

Virginia, my home state, traditionally Republican … and it went to Obama. Not only that, but for the first time in nearly forty years both U.S. senators will be Democrats. Turnout here was HUGE-in the county I live in 78% of eligible voters voted and with very few exceptions that’s the way it was through the state. Yay democracy.

Colorado, for defeating Amendment 47, which would have defined human life as beginning at conception. Hey, when even “pro-life” groups can’t get behind it? Probably not a good idea.

South Dakota, which once more let out a very loud “up yours” to the antis and defeated Measure 11, a repeat of the 2006 measure that would have essentially outlawed abortion in the state. This year the antis were gracious enough to allow exceptions for rape and incest, because we all know Abortions Are Okay If You Didn’t Enjoy The SexTM.

California, for defeating Proposition 4, which I wrote about a few days ago. Proposition 8, however, is still in limbo at the time of this writing.

And yeah, the links come from an anti site just because I enjoy irony.