Pia’s Story

I have not had an abortion, Mother Nature managed to make me sterile with a combination of PCOS and PID. Fine with me. However, a dear friend of mine turned up pregnant when we were both 18 years old. She belonged to an enormous Catholic family, and her older sister, and younger stepsister had already done the “have to get married” routine, and their lives were complete disasters as a result. She did not want to have the kid, particularly as it woke her up to the fact that her then-fiancé was a controlling shithead (who probably sabotaged her birth control in the first place). She couldn’t tell her family, and she had no money, and nowhere to get it from. At the time I was working, so paid for her abortion, took her to the clinic, only to find out that because of some anomalies, she had been pregnant before she realized it. Had to come up with more money for a more complicated procedure, as she was into the fourth month, and did so. She was freed from the larva, and managed to get free of the dodo fiancé and her breeder family as well, and managed to go on to live a good life.

She often tells me that the abortion was the best thing that ever happened to her — not only did it free her from having a kid she didn’t not need or want, and certainly could not have afforded, but it also made her wake up, smell the coffee, and realize that she didn’t have to get into the breeder lockstep with the rest of the people she knew, and she didn’t have to marry her butthead fiancé.