Peeking in

I’ve recently gotten a burst of stories in the INS mailbox so I hope an update will be imminent in the next couple of weeks. Also, there’s been some stuff going on behind the scenes. I’ve been in contact with someone who is working on a new design template for the site and, unlike others who have made this offer in the past, has actually shown me stuff-and it looks good. No time frame on the implementation, though. When it does go through, also look for a host change for the blog. I’ve been having some issues with Blogger that have been pretty annoying, so I’ve been messing with WordPress and am finding it much more user friendly, plus I can import everything from here.

The Real Life has been a tad stressful of late so I’ve enjoyed/will be enjoying a couple of weekend getaways-I went to Boston last month to visit friends and take in Yankees/Red Sox (I left with a horrid case of “Red Sox flu” which apparently decimated half the team) and I’ll celebrate Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, taking in Angels/White Sox and making a pilgrimage to Wrigley Field. I enjoy solo travel and am glad to have a husband who knows the worst thing I’ll do is have a few beers and ogle young men in tight baseball uniforms, although I have a feeling the Angelina Jolie Film Festival will begin shortly after my departure. 😉