Ninja INS 5.0!

I know you’re doing double takes. “Wh-WHAT? An INS blog entry after what, three or four friggin’ YEARS? What the fuck, my mind is blown!”

Okay, yeah, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most attentive webmaster. But it’s 2014, three days after INS has turned eleven-yes, ELEVEN-years old-and like with any growing child a parent must make adjustments, and so I have.

First and necessary, I must give a huge shout-out to my lovely and talented web designer AAG, Chief Dominatrix of Three Design Three for her help with everything. If you need your website overhauled, I recommend her heartily. Thank you, my friend.

And INS has been overhauled. If you wish to tell your story, you can now do so via INS’ Facebook page or on its brand-new Tumblr page. Want to make a movie or GIF or photoset of your experience? Now you can. The stories that were posted to the site prior to this remain, but I realized I had to make a concession to the huge TL; DR crowd (translation: Too long, didn’t read) that the younger generations have become.

I realize that the new INS format will bring problems. The shields against the antis have gone down, and no doubt I will get somebody wailing about how someone dissed her on FB or Tumblr. I will try to minimize it the best I can, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-the Internet is no place for the sensitive. If you post, you should not be ashamed. You did nothing wrong.

I am committing myself to being more active on the site. After a couple of years of work hell I’ve gotten things under control so you can look forward to my opinion on … well, life in general. You have been warned.