Nikki’s Story

Well I am a twenty-one year old woman who just had an abortion a couple of weeks ago-let me walk you through it.

I found out I was pregnant but it wasn’t the same as the first time when I had my child this time I was scared because I knew that neither I nor my husband was ready for another child. We want our second child to have the same opportunities as our first and we know that financially we cannot take on another child. So decision time came around and my husband and me talked it out and both agreed that an abortion would be best for all three of us. Well time came around for me to make an appointment so I called the clinic and was extremely nervous just to talk on the phone to the people so I kept thinking “how can I go to the clinic if I’m to ashamed to even talk to them on the phone?”

So I had to get myself together mentally and emotionally cause it ultimately was my decision and no one and forced me to make it. So my appointment was a week later it was just for blood work and an ultrasound but I was still so scared but everyone at the clinic assured me that I was fine and safe. So I had to make my second appointment for the actual procedure it was for two weeks away on a Friday, I stayed up the entire night thinking and worrying about it what would happen, how would I feel, would it change me all the questions that roll around in your head so the morning came I had to be there at 7 in the morning and I was already up anyway. So were in the car driving to the clinic and I am feeling extremely sick but I know that it is just nerve.

So we arrive at the clinic and I walk in and it is a lot of women there which made me feel so much more comfortable even though no one was talking I understood there was really nothing to say just a serious decision that everyone in that room had to make just like me. So I sat there forever waiting for my name to be called or what seemed to be forever since I was staring at the clock the entire time. So the women came and called my name I told my husband to just wait for me I would go alone, so I walk back there and sit down and she starts asking me personal questions about my pregnancy history I started getting very nervous, even though she had given me no reason to be I asked her to go and get my husband for me. So he walked back there looking even more afraid then me. So time passes and the doctor comes in the room with his nurse both very polite and nice to me in every way possible and the doctor tells my husband to come up and hold my hand the complete procedure took no more then seven minutes and even though it was uncomfortable it was not at all what I thought afterward I was so relieved and I felt so much better every fear was gone I finished up my paper work and made my last appointment just for the checkup and left.

But if there is one thing that I could give to one person it would be just to let you know that through it all “I’M NOT SORRY”-not one bit cause I know in my heart that I have spared the life of a child to be born into a life in which your parents have no idea of what means to raise you.