Nicole’s Story

After September 11th my life changed drastically….my fiance who is in the military was shipped in and out of the country over 3 times and because of this I was constantly sick both physically and mentally. When he returned home, hopefully to stay, I was estatic, only to find out that he had to leave again at the beginning of June. With him leaving, we spent every waking moment together, and making plans for when he would return again in September. While he was gone, I missed him terribly, and always remained faithful, knowing he would soon return.

For all the months he was away, I increasingly grew more and more sick, I wasn’t sure if it was my blood sugar, or if I was just getting the flu. Each week I would feel worse…and when it was time for him to come home, he suggested I go to my doctor. I wasn’t quite sure what to say to the doctor. So, he ran some tests and discovered I was pregant. I wasn’t sad, but I wasn’t sure what to do. My doctor said there was a great chance that if I tried to have the child that most likely neither of us would survive…and told me to think before I made any decisions. My guy and I didn’t know what to think, we could take care of a child, but to put my life on the line was just too much of a risk. So, I prayed, and talked to friends, and abortion was the only thing I could do. I informed my doctor of my decision, and he gave me a list of providers, and when I called them, he explained my medical condition and we found a women’s clinic able to take me in.

For me, it was a two day procedure, and I really didn’t feel much of anything, just a little bit of cramping. The only weird thing was that they told me most people don’t remember anything at all, and I remember EVERYTHING…and I knew it was my decision, and for me and the other people there, it was the best decision I could ever make. I am grateful that I have the right to choose, so that when I am physically able to have a child that I will be there, every step of the way…no interuptions…just love to offer…until the end.