Nicole’s Story

When I was 15 I fell in “love”. He was smart, had good grades, and treated me like a princess. Well, we started having sex, protected only by the occasional condom. Of course this caused a pregnancy. We kept it our deep dark secret for a couple months, thinking we could find a way to take care of the baby on our own. My mother found out when I was about 10 weeks along, and decided we had to tell his parents as well. Everyone but my boyfriend and I agreed that the best thing would be an abortion. Later that night, my boyfriend decided to join “the other side”. So, being alone, and scared, I decided that they were all probably right, and even if they weren’t, how was I going to take care of a baby, at 15, if no one was willing to help me? So, I made a very difficult decision, the only smart one for me, I had an abortion. The procedure wasn’t bad, taking 7 minutes, the nurses were friendly, and I only bled for about 4 days afterward.

Looking back, this was the best thing that I ever did. I now have a wonderful husband, and an adorable son; we live in a great neighborhood and have a great life. Had I not had an abortion, I shudder to think of the hellhole I might live in, unable to pay rent, or feed my screaming brat.

I am so grateful I had the choice, and even more grateful I made the one that was right for me.