Nicole’s Story

I’m 33 years old. I never imagined I’d be in the position of needing an abortion. I use birth control pills and condoms faithfully. I do, however, enjoy sex quite a lot – in both senses of that phrase. And I had a condom break. I was concerned but told my partner “No worries, that’s just the back-up method. I’m on the pill.” Unfortunately, I won two failure rate lotteries at the same time. Think of it as buying a Powerball and a scratch-off ticket and winning the jackpot on both. Only not quite as much fun, and with a lot more cursing.

A few weeks later it suddenly occurred to me that it had been more than a month since my last period. I checked the calendar, counted back and realized I was close to two weeks later. Since I have Endometriosis, my periods tend to be erratic so I decided to wait it out a couple more days. But then I started noticing how sore my breasts were and that I’d been getting odd cramps for days with only a bit of light spotting. I scoured the internet reading every “Signs of early pregnancy” site I could find. I decided that once I was officially two weeks late I’d buy a pregnancy test to know for sure and in the meantime I tried to stop stressing out about it. Since, as all those sites tell you… “If you get stressed out, it can further delay getting your period.” (Great. So they’re telling us our reproductive systems have a mean sense of humor?”)

About four days later my period was 14 days late and I bought the test. Then, like countless women before me, I peed on a stick and then sat there, staring at it, waiting for the results and hoping for only one line. I was greeted about a minute later by two bright, cheery pink lines that confirmed my fears. Pregnant.

I’d been considering my decision since the minute I realized I was late. It wasn’t an easy decision but neither was it agonizing. I knew that this was not the right time for me to have a baby, and I knew I wanted an abortion. The baby’s father was on board with the idea, but if I’d had any fears that he wouldn’t be, I simply wouldn’t have told him. It’s my body, and my decision. IMHO, the very second men can get pregnant, they can have the final say on that particular decision … and not a moment sooner.

I found a clinic and scheduled the appointment the same day I got the positive test result. I was six weeks along and had a surgical abortion. I chose to have it with a local anesthetic because I don’t like the drug-hazed feeling of coming out of general anesthesia. I was at the clinic for about four hours, including blood tests, ultrasound, the abortion and 20-30 minutes in the recovery room. It was painful but not much worse than severe menstrual cramps. The staff were all warm, friendly, supportive and courteous and they made me feel as comfortable as possible. I had a good friend go with me, and he was an amazing help. If anyone who is considering an abortion is reading this, please be aware that most clinics won’t let your support person actually go with you inside the operating room. But there will be a staff member there who will literally hold your hand, should you need one to hold.

That was two days ago. I’m recovering well and what I feel most is an extreme sense of relief and peace with having made the right decision for me. And I’m very happy to have found a website which will let me share that.