Nancy’s Story

When I was twenty was the first time I got pregnant. I told my mother that I new I was, even before I took the test. My mother called the hospital and made the appointment for my test. When the nurse called she said, ” Your test is positive.” I hung up the phone and said to my mom I want an abortion right now. So again my mom got on the phone and set up an appointment for the abortion. I was so relieved, accept that I was only 6 weeks along and I had to wait for 2 more weeks in order for the hospital to perform the abortion. God, that was the longest most aggravating 2 weeks I have ever had. I spent the entire 2 weeks in bed thinking they would tell me now it’s too late. Well, needless to say, obviously it was not too late.
When we arrived at the hospital I could see all the other girls in the waiting room looked very scared and uneasy. The nurse called me in and I knew it was all going to be ok. The doctor cracked a joke that I thought was funny, all I remember about it was I told him don’t tell that joke to any of the girls that are coming in after me, they are not going to like the joke. Anyway it hurt somewhat, but not as bad as some of my worst cramps. When I walked out into the waiting room my mother asked, “How did it go” I whistled and said “Piece of cake.” All the girls in the room had a sigh of relief after I said that, which I knew would help ease their anxiety.