Mindy’s Story

First of all I would like to say that the reason I am writing this is because I found this website to be extremely helpful while I was going through my pregnancy and then abortion.

After two weeks of being late and knowing that I was pregnant, but convincing myself otherwise, I finally got up the courage to take a test, although I knew the answer. My ex-boyfriend and I had always been careless when it came to condoms although I was on the pill, and until two weeks before I saw him I was still, I thought it wouldn’t make a difference because it was ‘still in my system’ as some people tend to think. Clearly it wasn’t. I took the test which was positive and got a little panicky, but had convinced myself that it was positive ahead of time anyways, which made it a little easier. If I hadn’t have been having an on and off three year relationship with the father it would have been a little easier. We had one day where he really thought we should keep it and almost convinced me, but we did realize we were not ready and not even living in the same place or even really dating still for that matter. I’m 24 and he’s 25.

I began getting really sick all night long till about noon the next day and sever migraines as well. I couldn’t even work certain days. I heard from a friend about the abortion pill, which sounded so easy, wow all I have to do is take a pill and that’s it, it almost sounded to easy. I couldn’t figure out why women would still have a surgical abortion if this medical abortion exists. I began to research. I still didn’t change my mind. I had my appointment all set at Planned Parenthood and went there. I asked about the differences and basically from the responses realized that this pill was not the easiest way, and was really more difficult. I figured I wanted to do this as easy as possible, so I changed my mind and set up the surgery for two days later with general anesthesia. They basically said the pill was for women who may not want surgery, anesthesia, and would like to go through the experience in their own home. On the negative side they said that you really experience the entire thing and it’s much like a miscarriage which can be more emotionally traumatic.

The procedure went very easily and I didn’t feel a thing. I remember starting to feel the anesthesia as the doctor said I was going to be taking a short vacation and the only rule was I had to send a postcard. Then I woke up in the recovery room having no clue how I got to a sitting up position. My eyes started to tear and I began to cry a little but it was only crying in pure relief that it was over and everything went so easily. My friends picked me up and I wouldn’t even let them stay at my apartment because I felt fine. My other friend came over and hung out for the afternoon. I had some bad cramping but didn’t care because it was all over, nothing that I couldn’t tolerate with Advil.

It’s been four days now and I feel so significantly better then I have in weeks. I had little to no cramping the following day and just feel so relieved. On top of that last night an old roommate of mine IMed me and said she had heard that I had had an abortion and she had one last month. We talked for over an hour and we probably hadn’t talked in almost 2 years. I felt horribly for her much more so than for myself, she had only had sex twice, this was the second time. She opted to do the abortion pill and said it was very painful, even with Vicodin, and emotionally more traumatic. I was very glad to hear that, not that she was in pain, but it reassured me that I made the right choice.

Everything went very easy for me and I really wanted to share my experience because while I didn’t feel I had a very tough time making the choice to go with an abortion, I felt that my choice of which kind of abortion to have was very difficult. I think that if I had found an experience to read like mine, it would have helped me out even more.