Margie’s Story

I’m 66 years old now, and I have always loved children and wanted a big family. I have 4 sons and an adopted daughter.

When my first two children were 5 and 7, and my adopted daughter was 3, I neglected to use my diaphragm one night and became pregnant. I wasn’t planning to be pregnant. I was running my own retail business and my life was really full. I felt that babies should be wanted, and I already had my quota.

This was prior to Roe V. Wade, but abortion was legal in New York, so my father, who was a New York resident, arranged the abortion for me.

I’m certainly not sorry. I never looked back on the event with sorrow. Four years later I was ready for another child and we had another son. After he was born I really wanted another baby, but I was in my late 30’s and it took longer to get pregnant. Finally it happened, but I miscarried. I had my 5th child when I was 42.

Now I have 5 grandchildren. I’m not sorry.