Margaret’s Story

I will start by saying I love children, and that is all I have ever wanted since I was 5 was to be a mother. I am 23 and have a great job in the medical field. When I found out I was pregnant, I was shocked to say the least. My “boyfriend” at the time was 5 years younger than me and we were in a long distance relationship and I had just started my career. At first, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to keep this child. The father was excited, I was scared.

After the fog cleared and I could see clearly, I knew I couldn’t raise this child and adoption was not a choice. I knew I would never be strong enough to see my child grow up in someone else’s arms. It would not be fair for me to bring this child in the world; I was still young with a lot of future ahead of me. I knew that the father would not be in my life for long, it was not that type of commitment. I grew up with an amazing father, and I couldn’t imagine my child without one, although he wanted this child so badly.

I scheduled a surgical abortion at 7 weeks. I was thankful that there were no picketers, because to be honest, I probably would have punched them; after all, it is not their choice what I do with my body. The atmosphere in the center was mellow. I sat down with my mother, and another mother was waiting. They walked me into the small exam room and locked the door behind me. I was impressed with the confidentiality, compassion, professionalism, and knowledge of all the people. I agreed to look at the ultrasound and that did not change my mind. The procedure was uncomfortable but rather quick. There are occasional noises, but nothing as horrible as I had expected. I am able to watch baby shows and hold babies without regret.

There is one part that I feel slightly guilty about and that is that I lied to my boyfriend, he believed I had a miscarriage. I am in a new relationship and would like a baby; however, I am not sorry. If I was placed back in the same predicament, I would do it again. It is a situation that does take a lot of thought and consideration. It is a decision that you, and only you, should make.