Lynn’s Story

I am 30 years old and pro-life. I also had an abortion 8 months ago. I am a Republican, but I do not believe that everyone is fit to be a parent. I also got my abortion on Election Day. I was on the birth control pill for 7 years…I was off of it for about 3 months and believed the myth that “you can’t get pregnant while the pill is in your system”. You can. I have been with the same man for over 8 years, and I got pregnant. I decided I wanted an abortion, so I called my local women’s center. They were overly nice and helped me arrange my appointment for that week. My appointment was for 8:30a.m., and I was the first one there. It was like any other doctor’s office. When my name was called, I was weighed and got my blood pressure taken. Then I was debriefed by a very kind woman who asked if I knew what my options were. Then my name was called, and a woman took a sample of my blood. And then I was called into the doctor’s room. I have a high threshold for pain and it would have taken longer to have my teeth cleaned. Being Election Day and all, I talked with him about Roe v. Wade…while he was doing the operation. When our discussion was over, so was the procedure. I felt minimal, short term cramping; little to no bleeding, and a lifetime of relief. I am still a Republican.