Louise’s Story

My name is Louise and I have had 6 abortions. I was 16 the first time I got pregnant by a guy who wasn’t my boyfriend, but I desperately wanted him to be. I never told him that I was pregnant or even thought that I might be. I waited a long time to take a pregnancy test, almost too long, 2 months as I recall. When I finally got a friend to take me to Planned Parenthood, my decision was pretty much made up for me. I either had to go through with the pregnancy or have an abortion in order to avoid further complications down the road with a late term abortion. It was the most painful procedure I have gone through. I was so far along that it was more involved than early terminations are. I just remember going home and taking some of my mother’s painkillers and sleeping. The other abortions were much easier, done at a private clinic where I was put under anesthesia and was asleep for the entire thing. My boyfriends all came with me and were very supportive of my decision. I am proof that no method of birth control is 100% accurate. All the times I became pregnant I was either on the pill, using a sponge, diaphragm or condom.
I am now a 30 year old woman who has been in a committed relationship for over 4 years now. Although I still do not want to have children of my own, I am glad that I had the have the freedom to have the abortions and not forced to have children that I would not be able to care and provide for. Not for one minute do I regret making my choices. I am not sorry that I had any of my abortions.