Linsey’s Story

I am a young mother, at 23 I am married with 2 toddlers. Life is extremely difficult…my husband and I fight constantly and to top off the stress my oldest child (age 3) was diagnosed with autism. My youngest (age 16 months) is starting to show signs of autism as well. My day consists of screaming tantrums, trying to find babysitters so I can go to work, shuffling kids to speech therapy, pre-school, and then home. I get no breaks. We live paycheck to paycheck, I am constantly cleaning messes and consoling toddlers. When I found out I was pregnant again 3 weeks ago I knew I would lose my mind if I had another child. I also get very ill when I’m pregnant. The first 2 pregnancies consisted of throwing up and dizziness…it got so bad that I was down to 89lbs and hospitalized every couple of weeks on IV therapy with the first one. With my third pregnancy I was starting to get sick…and I work in a hospital. My co-workers were starting to wonder why I would run away puking with every patient that was bloody or…well you know. I had no money but I overdrafted my account and bounced 2 checks to schedule my abortion. It has been 2 days and I feel wonderful. I had the IV sedation (Versed, Fentanyl) and I do not remember most of the procedure. It was extremely quick and I was in recovery sipping Coke and eating a cookie in no time. The nausea went away immediately; I even stopped and got some cheese fries on the way back from the procedure. I wasn’t pale or dizzy anymore. I slept 12 hours when I got home and woke up refreshed and relieved. My husband got a vasectomy last week. I think this decision saved my marriage and my life. I can now focus more on the two kids I have and their recovery and get on with my life. I have no regret, and I do not see how anyone could make this procedure illegal. I am not sorry, and never will be.