Lindsay’s Story

I have had 2 abortions and am very happy with this. I’ve known from age 11 or so that being a mother was something that had no appeal. Part of this attitude may have been watching my mother and how she suffered with her pregnancy which produced my younger sister. However, the simple truth is that I just do not want to be pregnant or give birth. At age 18 or 19, before becoming sexually active, I had gone to my family physician and obtained a prescription for birth control pills. My first abortion was caused when I took an antihistamine and that reduced the pill’s effect. There was no question that there would be an abortion. My boyfriend offered to marry me. He also pointed out that there was adoption and abortion but that the decision was mine. He had no opinion one way or the other. It was totally up to me. In my posession was a book listing abortion providers. I selected one, made the phone calls and set a date.

My boyfriend drove me to the clinic. It was a very clean and peaceful place. I remember the wonderful silence. There was a counselor. She explained the abortion procedure and told us what we might expect afterward. She also asked what birth control we had been using and what kind would we use in future. The abortion itself was not at all traumatic. I do remember how good I felt, physically and emotionally. The doctors gave all of us two antibiotics and told us to not have sex for at least 2 weeks to prevent infection. All of the staff were most kind.

My next abortion was after I’d married. I had gone to an Ob-Gyn for an IUD and that I remember as being very painful. The doctor told me that if it were going to fail it would be after 3 months had passed. He was incorrect. It failed within 2 months and my husband and I went to the doctor for a pregnancy test and to ask where to obtain an abortion. We were given a name and phone number. Again, my husband reminded me that there were adoption, giving birth or abortion. I chose the abortion and made the appointment. My husband was with me for my second abortion. This time I was so relaxed from the IV of morphine, that there was no pain. I remember asking the doctor when was he going to get started and he replied that it was almost finished. They provided with the usual: antibiotics and instructions for no sex for at least 2 weeks. While at the doctor’s office, I learned that he also did tubal ligations. I set up an appointment and the same doctor did my sterilization. I am very glad to have had such professional care.

I’ve never regretted my abortions.