Linda’s Story

My story began 37 years ago when abortions were not legal. I was in college, and had met the man who would later become my husband.

To say “I found myself pregnant” sounds so foolish to me now, but I was frighteningly naïve back then. He felt that marriage was the logical next step, but I knew that graduating from college was my priority and was terrified of my parent’s reaction. Names of “doctors” came from everyone, but no one I knew had ever really met them. After numerous phone calls where my request for “an abortion” was met with a hang up, I tried asking for “an appointment” instead and was successful.

We had to travel some distance, and the expense of $300 plus a hotel room, was far beyond our budget without help from friends.

The procedure was done without anesthesia, and there was no recovery period, however the doctor was very kind. In our youthful optimism, we hardly realized how dangerous this could have turned out. I was one of the “lucky ones”. I had a wonderful partner, I found a “real” doctor, and had caring friends to help. Many women in those days were not as fortunate. I learned that the man I loved was indeed a man who would support me in a difficult situation.

We later married and had 3 children who were planned for and eagerly anticipated by all our extended family.

We have never regretted our decision.

Today I look back on that experience as the beginning of a life dedicated to a women’s right to make safe and healthy choices for her future and her family. I serve on the Board of Directors at a Planned Parenthood, escort women past harassing protestors at a women’s clinic, and oversee a volunteer fund which provides financial help to women who cannot afford an abortion. I have never been “sorry”, I’ve been motivated!