Lela’s Story

I am 20 years old and, as of last November, a wife to a wonderful husband. Toward the end of April he returned home from the war he had been in since April of last year. We married when he returned home for two weeks on leave. While he was gone, as would any woman, I longed to have contact with him again. After returning home we had a heyday and never thought twice about it. Two weeks after returning home, my period was due, and I’m very regular. It was late, so, on his way home from work he surprised me with four different brands of at-home pregnancy tests. I drank water for 15 minutes and took every test. And as we sat in the bathroom staring at all the pink lines, we both knew what we wanted. We have trouble taking care of our puppy, there was no doubt a child was the worst idea at this time. I’m now five days into my medical abortion. I did the at-home insertion, which was simple. I took the pain killers they gave me and attempted to sleep. The cramps were awful. My period is usually light and lasts three day, so this is all new to me. The cramps are now gone, and I’m not taking any pain killers. The bleeding has subsided, and I’m feeling fine. The decision was easy for me, but I didn’t realize the actual procedure was going to be even easier. Some people just know when they shouldn’t have children, and nobody else can make the decision for you. I am happy that I have the right to make my own choices, whether it is to worship a certain way, to have a certain job or to have a baby when I feel I’m really ready for it. Websites like this are great, women should have choices, and people telling their stories helps them feel better about their choices. I’m not sad or ashamed of my choice, and no woman every should be.