Sep 052010

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My name is Lauren.

I had an abortion one month and two days ago, and I am not sorry. I’m a sophomore in college and nineteen years old.

The conception took less than a minute and I wasn’t even aware that he actually came until he nonchalantly told me when we were hanging out after I had the abortion. He was no one particularly special and I never told him. It is my body and my choice.

I did not realize I was pregnant until I started to get nauseous on, ironically, parents’ weekend. My mom offhandedly suggested the possibility of pregnancy, but I did not even think it could have been a possibility. I figured I had some odd virus. I was in a pharmacy a week later, and I bought a pregnancy test just to rule out the possibility. After the test turned positive almost immediately, my best friend suggested I take another. That one was positive as well. I cried, called Planned Parenthood, and went to class. I went on with my life and enjoyed myself.

My friend drove me to get the abortion a week later. I do not feel like a bad person for my choice. Having a child would have hindered my lifelong goal of being a psychologist and helping young girls, like myself. Adoption was not an option either. I come from a small town and attend a small school. Pregnancy is a personal issue and there is no need for everyone to know about mine.

My relationship with God and spirituality has never been stronger, and I feel that this has happened for a reason. I am stronger today than I was before. I dealt with the consequences of my actions, and this will always be apart of me.

I am not sorry, and I want to share my story so everyone can know.

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