Krystina’s Story

I was 18. It was my last few weeks in high school. I was with my boyfriend on and off for about a year and a half when I found out.

It all started when I started feeling sick one morning while I was getting ready for school, I’d brush my teeth and get really sick. I couldn’t eat. My breasts were different then normal. I wasn’t getting my period but I was used to having irregular periods. I was also really depressed a couple weeks before so the doctor put me on medication. I figured the missed period was a result of the stress I’d been going through. My mom and friends all said “take a pregnancy test.” I never thought it could happen to me. So I finally did. That night I was babysitting my 10 month old cousin with my boyfriend which was pretty ironic. I looked at the test, then looked at the paper, then looked at the test again. My heart dropped. I looked at my boyfriend, he smiled and hugged me. My jaw completely dropped. I was 18, I had 2$ in the bank there was no way i could afford a child. Plus, my boyfriend may have thought he was ready, but in my opinion he most certainly was not. All of his sisters had kids at 14, 15. So he believed it was ok. Anyways, less than a week later we told my mom. She was very understanding and laid out my options. It was very clear to me what my decision would be. And that was to have an abortion. He did not understand, he begged me not to, and that everything would be ok. I knew better, it wouldn’t. I asked myself hundreds of times if I want him to be in my life forever and raising a child with him. I didn’t have the answer.

The nausea was unbearable, I went to the hospital to see what I could do about it and to find out how far along I was. I found out I was almost 8 weeks. Later that evening I sat down with my mom and told her my decision. So the next day my mom and I made an appointment at the clinic. My grandma accompanied us. I didn’t talk with my boyfriend that whole day because i knew he’d make it harder on me. When I arrived at the clinic there were about seven or eight protesters there with red x’s on their mouths offering me rosary beads. I ignored them as I was told to do by my mother and grandma. I sat in the waiting room thinking how much regret I’d be feeling afterwards. But the funny part about it, I felt none. After the procedure, I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I thought to myself, “now you can start your future.” And that’s exactly what I did.

I start community college in the fall and in two years I plan to transfer to a university to become an elementary teacher. The boyfriend is still around. He eventually opened his eyes and realized what I did was right for the both of us. We’re together and happy and looking forward to a great future. I am very happy about my decision and have no regrets. I am also glad I found this website to find others who share my same experience and are also thankful to have the right of choice.