Kristi’s Story

Well, my name is Kristi, I’m 19 years old, it was just about a month ago when I had my abortion. I was 10 weeks, which was actually farther along than I thought. My boyfriend and I broke up in Febuary but we still had sex and were “trying” to work on things, when we broke up (actually the exact day) I stopped taking my birth control because, well, I never took it right anyway so I thought there was no point in taking it within two weeks of it being out of my system, I got pregnant.

I found out about a month and a half later, I was. The first test I got was negative, so I thought I was just late, then after a couple weeks I knew, I just knew. I started getting sick and having to go to the bathroom a lot. I got another test and it came back positive, I cried and cried, my ex-boyfriend knew something was wrong and finally I told him. Even though we had talked about it before, this time it was for real. We sat down and talked and decided what we had to do.

My mom had a abortion when she was around my age, she still cries, so I knew one day I would tell her but not before it happened. I borrowed $450 from a friend’s mom, and my friend took me to the closest place, which was about a hour and a half away. Although my ex-boyfriend wanted to go, I just thought it was best that way.

I was fine till I got in the waiting room, he called me and I broke down in tears so bad, I felt guilty, but I went through with it, it was the worst pain Ive ever felt, of course I am a wimp sometimes. After about thirty mintues of horrible pain, it went away completly. Even though I was upset, the little bit of time has passed and I know I did what I did because it was the “right thing” for me.