Kristin’s Story

So a bit of a back-story on how this came to be. I was with the same guy for almost a year, successfully using the rhythm method. Then we broke up. After a wild night out for my birthday, I decided that it was finally time to move on. I ended up hooking up with a friend. Considering my period had just ended and I had been successful in the rhythm method before, I went with it. Stupid huh? Never, ever thought to get the MA pill. I suppose I was just one of those who thought it could not happen to me. WRONG!

So fast-forward about 2 weeks later. I started having cramping, so I’m like ok, I’m going to get my period. Well the one night at work, I put in a tampon thinking it was going to come early due to the cramping. I felt a little sick for a while that night, but thought nothing of it. That night when I removed the tampon there was the tiniest bit of blood on it. Figured I’d wake up to a full-blown cycle. Wrong again. It didn’t come, and I thought it was strange but I pushed it out of my mind. After about a week of swollen glands, low-grade temperatures, sick stomachs, and a few days late on my period I decided to take a test. Just to see that it would be negative and push the paranoia out of my mind. Not me. I won’t get pregnant. So I took it. When I saw the results my jaw dropped… after a few expletives were uttered, I decided to take another. Positive. Within an hour of that result I was on the phone with a clinic. I can’t have a kid right now! My financial situation would not allow for the proper upbringing of a child. I don’t even have a college education yet! I knew right away what I wanted and had to do. After fighting with myself, I finally informed the father. He wanted me to keep it. Keep in mind that he is younger than I am, and is about to be deployed for a year or longer. And what if he never came back… So after discussions he agreed that neither of us were in the proper position to raise a child. Considering that he is a pro-lifer, when he told me that even though he can’t give me his consent, he understands why, and won’t hate me for it I was shocked to say the least.

Fast-forward to my first appointment. ( I decided to do it in 2 to save myself some nerves) Initially I had wanted to do the medical abortion. After some research, I knew it was not for me. I know how I work, and being left to myself would not be good. So we did blood work, counseling, ultrasound ( I would be 5 weeks 5 days the day of my procedure), etc. To my relief I was early enough to have the manual vacuum. I booked my appointment for the following Tuesday.

When I got there I was a bundle of nerves. Stupid protesters came up to me as soon as we got out of the car. “They don’t care about you in there, we love you, there are other options” I looked at the one dead in the eye and said “Do you have the money to take care of a child? Because I don’t, so unless you want it, shut up!” They took me pretty quickly considering I had all the lab work done. More counseling. Then since I was not going to use IV sedation, they gave me antibiotics to take. Had to eat while my nerves were completely shot. Not cool. They wanted me to take 12 pills. I said NO WAY. Apparently there had been a miscommunication when they had asked if I ever had to be pre medicated for the dentist. I said yes. Valium for oral surgery. Thank God we cleared that up and I didn’t have to take all those pills. In comes the Valium. Before it even started to work they called me back to the procedure room. I had to be in there alone for a few minutes before my friend came back. I made the big mistake of glancing into the biohazard waste can… finally my friend comes in. While she is trying desperately to calm me down the woman in the next room starts screaming! This did not help. She forced me to cover my ears even though I could still hear the screams. Finally the doctor enters, he seemed kind of cold. I told him I was terrified. He said, you have 2 options, reschedule with IV sedation or do it now. I said no, I’m here. Do it. Laid back, and looked my friend dead in the eyes. She told me I looked horrified. Then it starts. Pelvic exam. (No big deal.) Then the numbing shot. That hurt. I asked what he was doing and he told me. Then he put in the tube, I said what the hell is that, he told me he was dilating me. I’m like “they said I don’t need to be dilated!” I didn’t even hear his response because he turned the dial thing on the manual pump. Let me say it hurt. It felt like the worst period EVER. I said “ow ow ow” and kept looking at my friend. 30 seconds later I was done. A second to rest and he said he was going to go back through to make sure he got everything. 10 more seconds. I counted down. Then it was over! I looked to my friend and was like “I’m not pregnant anymore!” They let me lay down for a second, I had minimal to no cramps. I just didn’t want to sit up too fast. By the time they walked me to recovery, a whole 2 minutes later, the pain was gone! After recovery, if I had been allowed, I could have done cartwheels! It was all so non-traumatic! That day I went home, chowed half a pizza, slept, then went to the mall. No pain. NONE. My experience was very positive! The pro lifers make it out to be like open heart surgery with no anesthesia. Hardly. Thank you Allegheny Reproductive Services! I know I made the right decision, and I encourage any woman faced with this situation to be strong. I had an abortion and I am not sorry.