Sep 052010

Before I first became sexually active, I made a promise to myself to never be with anyone who was against abortion. I believe this decision was one of the best I ever made when it came to the point when I actually needed an abortion.

I had been with my partner for almost five years, and I’d been on the birth control shot for a few months when I became pregnant. When I had first gotten the shot, I had asked the doctor what the chances were of getting pregnant while on it. He told me in no uncertain terms that I would not get pregnant, which is why it came as a complete shock to me when I found out the cramps I was having was due to pregnancy. I asked my doctor if he could recommend somewhere to go, and he stepped away from me as though I was a terrible person. His reaction was the only negative aspect of my wanting an abortion.

Because we’d talked about what we’d do in case of pregnancy when we’d first gotten together in high school, my partner knew exactly what to do and had me set up with a clinic in no time. My main fear was being so far along I wouldn’t be permitted to receive an abortion, but at six weeks it was a groundless fear. I had an option of taking pills to terminate the pregnancy or going with a surgical procedure. I elected for the surgical to cut down on necessary clinic visits, and while waiting for my turn to come I sat in a waiting room filled with all kinds of women and girls. One girl had been brought with her grandmother, who was quite merry and told me she was so happy she had the opportunity to be able to do this for her granddaughter, especially since that option hadn’t been open to her back when she had grown up. The nurses were very kind and the doctor put me at ease right away, telling me exactly what to expect. I experienced what felt like a very strong menstrual cramp and it was over. My partner picked me up and we went somewhere to eat, as I was starving. The whole procedure was much easier and much less humiliating than a normal doctor check up, and I will never regret my decision to abort. I am extremely happy and relieved to live in a country that recognizes my right to control my own body.

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